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Go to your corner! Go on! Go stand there for at least 10 minutes before you return here to finish reading.

Ah, you are back! Good subbie. Yes, I am laughing at you! You and your antics that cause me to send you back to the corner. What was it this time? You forgot to address me properly? You started touching that thing without permission? You were breathing too loud? Oh the fun I will have at your expense.

A grown man standing in the corner, really? Put your hands above your head and spread 'em. But first, you need to show me your panties. You know, the pink ones. The ones I told you to wear today. My girlfriends and I want to have a good look at you in your pretty pink panties. You are not a panty boi, you cry! Of course not! Why would Mistress put you in panties?

So maybe we will go a different route. Maybe I will have you do things that my mood dictates, whatever that may be. I could be in the mood for shopping and have you walk behind me, collared and not allowed to speak. I could be in the mood for a hour long foot massage and insist your gaze be directed at eye level. You and I both know there is no "maybe" about that one, or any of these scenarios.

The beauty of sensual humiliation is it cums in all different shapes and sizes. One size does not fit all. I will find what triggers you. I will take you there and back again. You will find I am more of an intellectual or 'modern dominant', inflicting stress and mental anguish via the power of the word, rather than the whip. I am your Humiliatrix.