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Some men don't understand how the words "erotic" and "humiliation" can go together in the same sentence. They don't realize that what embarrasses them the most can be the greatest source of arousal and pleasure in the right hands.

Something tells me you're not one of those men.

Tell me, my dear, have you already learned about the places that sensual humiliation can take you? I'm almost certain that you have. That's what brings you here, isn't it? Not only are you turned on by humiliation, but you're also curious about what erotic humiliation with Empress Christine is like.

I'm glad you asked.

The very first thing I'll do is have you tell me a little about yourself. You may not know this, but when a man answers an open-ended question like that, he often gives me a lot more information than he realizes. Then, of course, I'll have you tell me about your fantasy. With those two pieces of ammunition, I can give you the kind of humiliation you probably weren't expecting! (I'm awfully good at reading between the lines.)

But whether you're expecting it or not, I can guarantee you that it'll make your cock hard. And then, you'll find yourself addicted to your humiliation Mistress, and you'll come back again and again. Each time, you'll give me a little more insight about yourself and your fantasies, and each time you'll fall in just a little farther.

Eventually, you won't be able to climb back out again, but that's secretly what you're looking for, isn't it?