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A Collection of Erotic Humiliation Essays and Stories

What is Erotic Humiliation?Erotic Humiliation. Does it sound like an oxymoron? Think again. The pleasure center and the pain center in the brain are very closely connected, which is why we often hear sayings like "hurts so good." Learn more about Erotic Humiliation .
Types of Erotic Humiliation:What kinds of things are considered to be erotic humiliation? Are there different types of erotic humiliation? There sure are; read Types of Erotic Humiliation to find out what they are.
BDSM and Erotic Humiliation:BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and SadoMasochism, all of which have humiliation as an underlying theme. What is it that makes these practices so popular and why do so many people find humiliation to be an incredibly erotic experience? Learn more about BDSM and Humiliation.
Small Penis Humiliation: Why is it so Exciting?Why are so many men turned on by small penis humiliation? You may be surprised to learn that not all men who enjoy this type of erotic humiliation actually have small penises. Why then, do they enjoy it? Read Small Penis Humiliation: Why is it so Exciting? to find out.
Public Humiliation: Is it for You?A lot of people find public humiliation to be very erotic, while others despise it. What makes public humiliation so erotic for so many? Read Public Humiliation to learn more.
Humiliated and Excited: One Man's SPH StoryRead one man's story of how excited he gets over small penis humiliation in Humiliated and Excited.
Humiliation with a Smile! He walks by my cube every day on the way to his corner office. He wears those beautiful thousand dollar suits and his briefcase probably costs more than my laptop. The three hundred people who report to him tremble when he glances their way. I see his direct reports smile at him and kiss his ass, and he laughs like it’s his due. I’m fairly certain that he doesn’t know I’m alive. That's going to change this evening when I serve him humiliation with a smile.

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Verbal Humiliation: Is it for you? Verbal humiliation refers to verbal insults and name calling; erotic humiliation occurs when sexual pleasure is derived from verbally humiliating another or being verbally humiliated by another. Verbal humiliation can range from mildly erotic to complete degradation. Verbal humiliation is not for everyone and can actually cause self-esteem issues, depression, inferiority complexes, and other emotional damage if not done consensually. Are you curious whether verbal humiliation is for you?.
Tease and Denial Humiliation: Everybody knows that to control a man you must control his cock. And tease and denial is just the way to do it. Men are helpless when it comes to resisting the charm of a beautiful woman. This is because they are wired to think with their cocks instead of their brains when they are around attractive women. Women know this and us it to their advantage and for their amusement. Most men know it too, somewhere deep within their sub-conscious, but they are powerless to do anything about it. Read more about tease and denial humiliation.
Punished in Front of Others: My friends say I'm whipped; that Lola's a bitch and I'm her little bitchboy. I say, they're right. I can't argue with them there. But the thing is, I enjoy it. I get a thrill every time she yells my name, disgusted that yet again, I screwed up. I get a thrill when she tells her friends, right in front of me, what a sorry excuse for a man I am. And then, when they laugh at me, my cock just stands at attention! My friends certainly don't undersand it, hell, I don't even understand it myself. All I know is that being punished in front of others excites me more than anything in the world!
Humiliation Role Play:Many sexual role play scenarios have underlying themes of humiliation. For many, this humiliation is erotic and sexually exciting. Not all sexual role play contains elements of humiliation but humiliation can be added into almost any role play scenario. The types of scenarios that can be used for humiliation role play are only limited by the imagination. Read more about humiliation role play scenarios.
Humiliation an Objectification:Ever hear of human furniture? A human chair or a human ashtray? It may sound crazy, but its all part of the objectification fetish. Read more about humiliation and objectification.
Female Supremacy and Humiliation:Females are superior to males in every way. They just are. Some men try to deny it, try to tell themselves that males are far more superior, but there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I'm Ron, and I believe women should rule the world. Hell, they practically do, whether anybody realizes it, or not. Tease and Denial. Cock Control. Whether they are overt about what they are doing or whether they are sneaky about it, the bottom line is that women are in control. Read more about female supremacy and humiliation.
Chastity Humiliation:Chastity is a form of orgasm denial that maintains a heightened state of sexual arousal in the sumissive, without direct genital stimulation. A chastity device, also known as a cock cage, is typical used for long term orgasm denial. There are a number of reasons to put a man in chastity, but the one thing they all have in common is the underlying note of humiliation. Read more about chastity humiliation.
Caught in the Act:My name is Bob, and I'm a masturbation addict. I have been masturbating every day, sometimes several times a day, for as long as I can remember. In fact, I wanted to masturbate more, in hopes that my secret fantasy would come true. I've always fantasized about the my girlfriend walking in on me while masturbating. Read more about caught in the act.
My First Humiliation Experience: She Made Me Beg!"I want to try something different tonight," Sara said.Sara is what you might call adventurous. The last time she wanted to "try something different" it ended up with me pouring liquid latex all over her body then fucking her until she begged for mercy. Before that, it was taking her to a swinger party where she wore nothing but a pink ribbon tied through her clit ring. Life with Sara was never dull.. so you can imagine what she had in mind for my first humiliation experience.
Cuckold Humiliaton: The word cuckold is synonymous with humiliation. After all, the term was derived from a type of cuckoo bird who lays eggs and leaves the male to look after them in the nest while she goes off to sew her wild oats. The dictionary defines cuckold as "a man whose wife is unfaithful," and I suppose while that is the literal interpretation, there are other contributing factors, such as his sexual inadequacy or her superiority. Read more about cuckold humiliation.
Cum Eating Humiliaton: Eating cum. It's what you secretly think about when you masturbate. And not eating just any cum. Eating your own cum. You're a closet cum eater. Whether you actually follow through with it and eat your cum, or not, you're still a closet cum eater. Why does it excite you so much? It would humiliate and embarrass the living daylights out of you to actually have to tell somebody you fantasize about it. And yet... that's the part you find most exciting of all! Why is that? Read the humiliation of eating your own cum and find out.