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Female Supremacy and Humiliation

Females are superior to males in every way. They just are. Some men try to deny it, try to tell themselves that males are far more superior, but there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I'm Ron, and I believe women should rule the world. Hell, they practically do, whether anybody realizes it, or not. Tease and Denial. Cock Control. Whether they are overt about what they are doing or whether they are sneaky about it, the bottom line is that women are in control.

Females Rule

Men are weak creatures, by nature. We tend to think with our dicks instead of our brains. That's why I feel men should be owned by women. We should be kept in chastity and not allowed to masturbate or have sex, ever again. The longer we go without release, the more obedient we will be. Women have known that for years. It's why they withold sex when they are angry or when they want something. They know that we are easily controlled that way. Eventually, we will give in and give them what they want just so we can get our rocks off.

We should be embarrassed that we are that weak, that predictible. We should be ashamed that women have known this for years and we can't seem to get that. But we're not. We're proud. We're macho and manly and have convinced ourselves that we control the women,when we know deep down that is not really the way it is.

Males Should be Punished

Men should be punished for having a penis because it is what makes us weak. Not only should we be placed in chastity, we should have our balls placed in a spreader and smacked every time we do wrong. We should be worship their bodies, their feet, their legs, their asses. We should be made to masturbate for them while they laugh at us. We should be made to cook and clean for them and wait on them hand and foot.

We should consider ourselves lucky that these superior beings will even give us the time of day, let alone allow us to serve them. Maybe the strongest of the males should be used to inseminate the women so they can give birth to more superior females, but those who are feminine and weak should be feminized and made to serve.

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Inferiority and Humiliation

I love the humiliation of being told I am inferior. The humiliation of being made to do degrading things to serve the women. Being stripped of my masculinity. All of these things humiliate me but they turn me on even more. They say the reason men like me get so carried away with female supremacy and our need for humiliation is because the part of the brain that processes pleasure is adjacent to the part of the brain that processes humiliation. That's why we hear the saying "hurts so good" all the time. In cases like mine, where the need for humiliation is quite extreme, perhaps the wires may have gotten crossed. Whatever the reason for it, my perfect world is the one I described above.