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Humiliation. Why is it so erotic? Why does erotic humiliation turn you on? There are probably as many reasons for humiliation erotic as there are people who find it to be a turn-on.

Maybe it's because events in your life have conditioned you to the fact that the only way you can get the attention of a beautiful woman is by entertaing her. Amusing her. Making her laugh. At you.

Maybe it's because you realize you don't measure up in the size department, or because you get so excited you ejaculate before you can even get started, making her angry. And frustrated. And disgusted. At you.

Maybe you know certain women are out of your league but you pursue them anyway, knowing they are going to get tired of being nice and finally tell you just how pathetic you really are. And irritating. And annoying.

Whatever the reason you find humilation to be exciting and erotic, you do get turned-on by it. You need it. You crave it. And that's why you are here. You are looking for a Mistress who can dish out a healthy heaping of humiliation at your expense. A heaping of humiliation that will leave you in a crumpled up heap, having had the most amazing orgasm ever.

I am that Mistress. I am that superior woman who is out of your league and has no trouble reminding you of that fact. I am the woman who loves to laugh at your expense. To find your weaknesses and exploit them for my own amusement.