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It's a rush, isn't it? That completely humiliating feeling you get when you've been embarrassed or degraded. Your cock gets hard and you get embarrassed at the thought of being turned on by being humiliated. It's a vicious cycle.

There's a secret thrill that rushes through you when you are put down or called names, one that intensifies as the insults grow. Your humiliation fantasies run rampant and your imagination knows no limits.

I specialize in the art of humiliation. It really is an art, you know. And you know as well as I that erotic humiliation isn't just about randomly tossing insults at someone. You want to feel properly degraded, completely put in your place and shown exactly what you are: nothing.

I like to humiliate boys like you. Ones that are weaker, who defy the idea that men are the stronger sex. It's fun to tease and torture you, to make you uncomfortable and watch you squirm. I like you to feel humiliated, not just verbally but utterly and truly humiliated. Embarrassed by yourself and the nature of your very being.

Only then will I consider it a job well done. Only when you are feeling as if you are the most insignificant creature on the planet will I feel as if I have been successful. And you are, you know. Nothing special, that's for sure.

I'm sure your dick is hard as you think about all the wild fantasies that we can engage in but understand this: I like to push people beyond their limits and you will be no exception.

So are you ready for complete degradation?