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Sexual embarrassment can be so sexually painful yet delicious! With Erotic Humiliation, often the activities and words that turn your face red with embarrassment also get that cock very hard and swollen. That dynamic gets me so hot, and I love to play with many types of sexy humiliation including:

*Verbal Humiliation - What IS wrong with you & how can I taunt you about it?

*Small Penis Humiliation - This one just makes me laugh!

*Sissy Humiliation - Does the naughty sissy slut need her frilly panties pulled down and her bottom filled by my strap-on?

*Cocksucker Humiliation - Oh yes, I will get in your head until you beg me to suck a cock!

*Cuckold Humiliation - Seriously just tell me why your wife needs another man! You never could satisfy her!

I can humiliate you about anything! Really! I love to ask you WHY you need to be humiliated...what is wrong with you...and what other women have said to you or called you. Learning those triggers and intimate secrets let me create a sexy power exchange and embarrass you right into sub space.

And in sub space is where it gets most sexy for me! Using those words and inadequacies against you twists your mind around. You end up feeling so totally aroused, but so embarrassed at the same time.

Don't worry though, I will never let your secrets out. They are something I keep with me to tease and taunt you with!

The best part of this is the knowledge that your pain and embarrassment truly bring me the greatest pleasure! I can't wait to humiliate you!