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Humiliation is a sensual thing. There's something so deeply erotic about reducing a man to nothing, isn't there?

When did you first discover that humiliation turned you on and that your dick grew hard when someone put you down? That started your path towards erotic humiliation. You see, erotic humiliation isn't just about name calling.

It's about going deeper to truly humiliate you. You know the saying "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me?" A lie of course.

I like to say "Names and taunts may hurt me bad, but humiliation will always break me!"

True humiliation delves beyond the name calling deep into your psyche. I will not only call you names but make you feel how you should feel: as if you are nothing.

I've had many a sub come to me for humiliation training only to discover what it's really about; having me break you down until you are nothing but a shell of a man. I will show you that those names that people have called you are really true. And they aren't true because they said them, but they're true because that is who you really are.

Yes humiliation is a powerful thing and yet so deeply erotic as well. As I lead you on this journey you will discover that your true pleasure lies not only in being degraded but in discovering your true self: that you are a lesser being than others.

So if you are ready to take the step beyond name calling then take my hand. I will guide you to true humiliation.