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Let me take you where you are afraid to go. To the deepest, darkest depths; those dusty, dark, hidden corners of your limited, little mind. Show me those secrets you are most afraid of exposing. Your weaknesses and your insecurities; the ones you can't let ANYONE know. Things that, if used as a low blow in a fight, just might shatter your carefully crafted image. You know ... the things you worry not even your own mother could love about you and co-workers whisper about after your back is turned.

Tell me what they are. Overcome the fears. Share them with me.

Watch me mold it, shape and twist your fears sharp as a spear ... as sharp as that sweet little pink tongue in my mouth. Watch me using it against you; humbling and shaming you even as it turns you on. Oh yes, I'll use it to bring you to the edge of ecstasy and you know it. You can't quite wrap your little head around it but somehow it turns out to be the case.

That ego-crushing tidbit is an erotic tantalizer. It can be used to bring you to your knees in SO many ways and I intend to do just that. It is my pleasure to tap into your pain as I use it to peak your pathetic desires.

So release the fear that holds that secret deep inside the depths of you. Release it to me for your own erotic humiliation session.