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So you're a humiliation whore and that's why you're here. I'm not really good at beating around the bush ;). You love it when a woman can verbally put you over her lap and spank you into submission. I bet you were made fun of by hot girls and eroticized it. I know, I know girls can be soo mean can't we *giggle*? Despite our cruel way of cutting you down to size you'll find yourself aching to hear those very words that shred you apart and sublimate your ego. I am a male ego annihilatrix and I'm not shy about saying the very thing you fear the most. I'll lull you into a false sense of security with such a sweet voice. You will want to confide all your darkest secrets in Me. Then I'll systematically use everyone of them against you to give you a brutal verbal beat down.

Those harsh words spoken with such an angelic voice will echo in your mind making your heart pound fast and your cock throb. Trust Me. I know the power My voice has and I'm not afraid to lay the verbal smack down on your sorry ass. I'm not into yelling or screaming. I enjoy laughing at you and all those silly loser-ish things you do while you're all alone. Make no mistake either. I am laughing *at* you ; not with you and I'm sure you'll hear the derisive playfulness in My laughter. I'm looking forward to humiliating the living hell out of you. Why don't you come entertain Me??