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Get to know Ms Harper before you call - Listen to Ms Harper's Mistress Interview

You are, quite possibly, the most favorite of all my types of clients. You are the sort of guy that I gleefully clap my hands and cheer for. The pathetic loser who comes crawling to me, begging to be put in his rightful place, the sad sack whiner who needs to be reduced to nothing, the pretentious braggart blustering about until a strong woman finally takes utter control of him...

I love everything there is about erotic humiliation. I love to see that blush spread across your face, down your neck and up into your ears. The way you drop your eyes, lick your lips, breath speeding up as you feel the stirrings of sheer embarrassment. I adore how cute and coy you look when I take you down a peg or three; the way you telegraph your needs and desires, the way you sprout a pop-up tent in your pants over every insult and put down...

Knowing that my disdain turns you on only guarantees that I will unleash that disdain upon you. You get so turned on by being turned down, verbally abused and insulted; how could I deny you that sweet arousal? I want you to dance at the end of my string, like a puppet, swaying here and there as I manipulate and orchestrate your complete humiliation.

Everybody has different things that push their ???humiliation button.' I love hearing about yours. Finding out what does it for you, hearing your hushed confessions and whispered entreaties really does it for me. Tell me what humiliates you, so I can turn it around and use it against you.