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Well there are so many things that we can talk about and do over the phone. I have an imagination that runs deep and a voice that can help take you where you want to go. If I allow you to go there, that is. So get ready for a little erotic phone humiliation. I mean, I'm sure you have had plenty of humiliation in real time right?

I will have you stroking with the soft command of my words and humiliate you with my sensuous voice. I will take you to the edge and demand that you bring that cock back down, tease and deny you, over and over again. After all it is in my control and my desire at the moment. You will want to obey and honor me after our very first session. You will feel my tender side and the other side that comes with being a Mistress. Laughing at you brings me pleasure, humiliating you just plain makes me wet and tingly. I will have you grinding in to the air, sitting on your hands and begging for more. Just about the time you think that I'm going to let you release, I make you stop and place your hands down at your sides. Teasing, humiliating, tormenting, call it what you want, but never question me about what I do. I will always be above you and you will always be my submissive. I love controlling your every stroking move, making you edge and beg for more. So you see, it can be erotic and humiliating at the same time. I'm sure that it will be very enjoyable and bring you lots of pleasure. I know it does me lol.